Weekend Trip to Oslo

Two weeks ago (my how time has passed quickly), three friends and I went up to Oslo, Norway for the weekend! Right before I left on my trip, my friend posted this video which was extremely relevant considering my whole 360 last semester was focused on reversing our damage-based approaches towards Africa so I found this hilarious: Africa for Norway On Friday afternoon, we left on our “mini-cruise”, which was basically an overnight ferry with a room to sleep in since no food or entertainment was included and it was all insanely expensive. The next morning, we got up early and headed to the top of the ship where we got to gaze in amazement upon the sunrise on the fjords.

Sunrise on the fjords

We arrived in Oslo an hour later. We only had six hours in Oslo before having to come back to catch our boat back to Copenhagen so we tried to pack in as much as possible. First stop was the Opera House which happened to be right near our port. It seems like all the Nordic opera houses have amazing architecture, as the Copenhagen one is also very unique. The Norwegian one is completely white and appears as if it is melting into the ground, resembling an abstract iceberg.

Miranda, Anna, Kathryn, and I at the Norwegian Opera House

Next stop was the National Gallery Museum to check out the Norwegian art, most famously Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream. Afterwards, we wandered the streets of Oslo to see what we would come upon. We found the Norwegian Royal Palace and took in the Christmas cheer of the lights and Christmas markets being set up. We grabbed a quick lunch at a convenience store before going to get coffee at Fuglen, ranked the best coffee in Scandinavia. I got a chai tea latte (for eight dollars…Norway is even more expensive than Denmark) and we enjoyed the cozy art-deco atmosphere while warming up before heading back into the cold to catch our boat back.

The Scream: had to be done

I think Oslo would have been a little more exciting if I had gone earlier on in the semester before I had visited the big Western European cities like London and Paris. It was like a darker version of Copenhagen, with less colorful buildings and sort of an edgier and grittier feel to it. I was surprised that the Norwegians actually seemed to speak even better English than the Danes (or at least they had even less of an accent.) Norway is ranked as the richest country in the world and of having the highest quality of life which I could definitely see from the short time I was there. I really wish I had gotten to spend more time in Norway and go up to Bergen to see the fjords and way up north to see the Northern Lights. This whole experience has taught me that anything is possible now and if it’s important to you to come back to a place, you can make it happen so I’m excited to come back and see even more places. I was also disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to see Stockholm in Sweden or Helsinki in Finland so this gives me an excuse to come back!

Oslo skyline

And so comes the end to my traveling outside of Denmark. Luckily we have the wonder of Danish Christmas to help get us through finals and the 4 o’clock sunsets (a blog post on Christmas in Denmark coming soon!)

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