Mumford & Sons Concert!

Last weekend, I had the experience of a lifetime by getting to see one of my favorite bands of all time: Mumford & Sons. Recent Grammy winners of best album of the year for their newest album Babel, they are a British band best known for their passionate Americana mandolin strumming throughout their songs. They are best known for tracks such as Little Lion Man, The Cave, and most recently,I Will Wait.

It was crazy to actually be going because I bought tickets last October while I was abroad. Having to navigate financial and time difference issues was super stressful, especially since tickets sold out in a manner of minutes but luckily, my friend Meredith bought my ticket and I was able to pay her back and go to the show.

Meredith, Elizabeth, and I before the concert!

My friends Elizabeth and Meredith and I all had dinner together (discovering the magic of Swiss Farms along the way: a drive through mini mart!!!!!!) before driving to Camden, NJ for the show. Unfortunately, to get the best seats possible, the three of us ended up having to have seats that weren’t next to each other but we made sure to meet up in the middle between acts to share our excitement of the musical wonders we were experiencing.

The first act Haim, was a punk/garage kind of band that was fun to listen to but not quite as exciting since I didn’t know any of their songs previously. The next act was Ben Howard, which was great. My sister really likes Ben Howard so I was familiar with several of his songs from her constantly playing him on Spotify over winter break.

Finally, Mumford & Sons came on and everything was right with the world. I had read that they only record music to support themselves to play live shows and I saw just how true this was at their concert. The room was so electrified with energy as the band poured every bit of heart and soul into every lyric. There were many times when the members were intensely rocking out with their instruments, as if only the music existed, and in that moment, that truly was the only thing that existed. It was a spiritual experience, feeling completely at harmony with everyone singing along and united in a space by a singular love for the deep, folk melodies.

Mumford & Sons!!!!

Over the summer, Elizabeth and I bonded over our love for indie/alternative/folk music, especially and Mumford & Sons. We promised each other that we had to see them together, should they ever come back to Philly, and our dreams finally came true! I had never really gone to that many concerts since they are so expensive but I decided to finally stop missing opportunities to see artists that have such an impact on my life (this past year I also saw Of Monsters and Men and Bon Iver). Although concerts may only last a few hours, the feeling of connection every time you listen to that artist again, remembering the energy and love they poured into their live performance, makes it all worth it. Elizabeth and I had hoped to go to Firefly this summer, the largest indie music festival on the East Coast, but the tickets were expensive and neither of us knew if we would be in the Philly area for the summer. We are still hoping to go to The Roots festival in Philly this summer where Macklemore and Grimes will be playing! I am looking forward to the bands that the Bryn Mawr Concert Series will be bringing as well because I was super sad I missed Ra Ra Riot playing last semester!

Blog Post to come: Indonesian dinner adventures in Philly!



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