The Beauty of Arnecliffe

Arnecliffe! (Photo credit: Prianna Pathak '14)

Arnecliffe, Bryn Mawr’s student-run studio, is one of my favorite places on campus and probably one of the spaces I spend the most time in. It’s also one of Bryn Mawr’s best kept secrets. Arnecliffe is one of the few spaces on campus that is almost strictly for recreational purposes and is Bryn Mawr’s only fine arts presence on campus since the fine arts department is located at Haverford. Here, students can make crafts, take non-credit art classes, work on projects, host events (such as Open Mic Nights every other Friday), or just hang out and do homework in a non-distracting place (since there’s no internet access) at any hour of the day. Every Thursday, we host “CreativiTEA” from 8PM to 10PM where we have crafts and snacks and you can hang out and meet new people and destress for a bit. Past CreativiTEAs have included workshops on: henna, tie-dye, pastels, wax bowl making, and a variety of other topics. If there’s any subject you would like taught, you can always let us know! We have everything from printmaking supplies to basic supplies (like markers, pencils, paper) to sewing machines to silkscreening to jewelry making; basically anything you can imagine. Plus, if there any supplies you don’t see but would like, you can contact the Art Club exec board and we try out best to stock the studio with supplies you would like to see.

Sewing machines in the Rainy Day Studio (photo credit: Prianna Pathak '14)

Art Club originally started in the basement of the English House but a few years ago, the former printmaking studio was donated to us and became what is now Arnecliffe studio. Located across the street from Dalton and on the way to Perry House, lies the studio where you can email the Art Club exec board (at for the access code to gain entrance.

Batik class sponsored by Art Club held in Arnecliffe (photo credit: Rabia Shahab '14)

One of the reasons I love Arnecliffe so much is because it is the epitome of the honor code. The studio could not exist without the social honor code. Students are expected to clean up after themselves and to not steal supplies. While not always a perfect system, I feel incredibly privileged to have a space like Arnecliffe because most other schools would require you pay to have studio access or would only be open with a moderator there. Bryn Mawr students have 24/7 access because we trust each other to be responsible and recognize the need for a space where you can “Make art, not work.”

Art Club "Studio Soiree" (our annual winter event) in Arnecliffe complete with fancy snacks, live music, and crafts (photo credit: Rabia Shahab '14)

Whenever I get stressed, nothing feels better than listening to music loudly while getting into the zone while making art. Sometimes I find it hard to make art purely for my own creative pleasure so I end up making a lot of cards and signs which is perfect for me because it allows me to get my creative energies out while also making the people I love happy. I am so proud to be on the Art Club exec board to support a space like Arnecliffe. I also love getting to see the work that my fellow Mawrters produce. The best time for this is our annual student-run exhibition on the 2nd floor of Canaday. We are currently looking for submissions for our Spring Showcase, due tomorrow! You can email your piece to All medias welcome!

2012 Spring Art Exhibition in Canaday (photo credit: Rabia Shahab '14)

If you are interested in learning more about Art Club, you can follow our tumblr, Twitter, or like our Facebook page. We will be looking for new exec board members at the end of this semester (especially current freshmen and sophomores) so be on the lookout!

Make Art, Not Work!

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