The Wonders of West Philly

I’ll write a more thought-out reaction to living in West Philly for the summer but I just wanted to share this beautiful evening that perfectly captures the living, breathing, rich diverse culture of West Philly:

After finishing a savory feast at an Ethiopian restaurant, my friend from Bryn Mawr and I ordered baklava and two-dollar smoothies, a perfect light and sweet dessert to complement our hearty meal, from a Lebanese cafe. We ran into two Bryn Mawr alums who graduated last year who are both doing non-profit work. Walking back to her car, we passed several children playing in the streets. A friendly neighborhood laundromat owner gave us directions on how to back out of our parallel parking job. We drove past dozens of families sitting on their porches, watching their children playing and enjoying the warm weather. I return home to my sublet for the summer to my Korean housemate rehearsing with her Argentinian tango band and my half Italian/half Indian public service architect housemate (who’s actually a Haverford alum) grilling food on the barbecue out on our back porch. I end the day by curling up and re-watching Arrested Development, one of my favorite TV shows, to prepare for the new season that’s premiering in a few weeks. This evening completely reaffirmed my decision to live in West Philadelphia for the summer and can’t wait for all the adventures that lie ahead in the coming months. If anyone has any suggestions for fun things to do/places to check out in West Philly, please send them my way!

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About Amanda Beardall

I am a senior psychology major (minoring in child and family studies and environmental studies) from Portland, Oregon. I am involved with the Civic Engagement Office, Art Club, admissions, dorm leadership, and teaching art classes at a local elementary school. I studied abroad in Denmark, did an internship in Indonesia, and took a 360 course cluster that traveled to Ghana.

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